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Ingredients: Pineapple Lavender Hops Chamomile Ashwagandha Lemon Ginger


Benefits: This juice is amazing for anyone who has trouble sleeping or relaxing.

Not only is it good for sleep this juice is a great for

Natural Immunity Boost
Inflammation/pain relief

Skin health and irritations

Anxiety/ Stress relief

If you’re in need of a nice healthy snack before bed, this is the one!

Hops is one of the most powerful sleep aids around the world, mixed with chamomile and lavender you’ll be sleeping like a baby!!


*Best used before bed or on a day you might be needing a nap or some extra “chill time”*


**Do not drink and drive with this as everyone reacts differently and this juice can be very powerful within 15-20 minutes , you will notice a difference in your mood and best to test it first before operating any vehicle**

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