Mon., Nov. 01 | Bella’s 7Days of wellness

Bella’s 7 Days of Wellness

November 1st I am starting 7 Days of Wellness 1 Week juice cleanse for 3months Subscribe and save 30%off Give yourself the boost of wellness Start your months off on a Healthy routine! INVEST IN YOURSELF
Bella’s 7 Days of Wellness

Time & Location

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Nov. 01, 12:00 a.m. – Nov. 08, 12:00 a.m.
Bella’s 7Days of wellness

About the event

Starting Nov 1st we are doing a monthly 7 DayJuice Cleanse for the next 3 months!

How it works: 

You will purchase a 7 day juice cleanse. Any cleanse, any size as everyone is different and can handle different amounts of fluids. 

We will then contact you for a free consultation to ensure you get the perfect cleanse for your individual need. After we have completed the order with delivery details we will have it delivered to you the EVENING BEFORE the 1st of the month. We will follow up to confirm the times the day of delivery.

We make everything fresh, we do not use any preservatives or added sugar.

We will be coming with multiple deliveries through the week. 


START:Monday Nov 1st 

Delivery :SUNDAY OCT 31st evening 


Delivery:Tuesday Nov 2nd




FINISH:Monday Nov 8th Cleanse complete. You will then consume lots of veggies and fruit. Soups and Salads. Slowly introduce healthy new solid foods. Then after a few days start to re introduce grains,braids,crakers solids. 

There is NO EATING OF ANY FOOD during the 7 days Unless someone from our team has discussed otherwise with you.  

The point of a cleanse is to give your digestive system a break. You will not be needing to break down any foods since the insoluable fibre has been removed. You're left with nothing but delicious and life saving nutrients. You will be providing your body an overload of vitamins and minerals that you would never be able to consume in one meal.

Juice cleanses are not just for weightloss or removal of unwanted toxins/chemicals. 

Cleanses are amazing for everyone! 

They help reset the body to a healthier state. 

When you are only consuming nothing but healthy foods to nourish the body and mind, which have been proven to provide natural energy and healing of numerous illnesses and injuries, why wouldn't you give yourself this gift?

You are investing in your health when you choose to do a cleanse. You are saying you need to be kind and give your body a break. 

Cleanses are amazing for people suffering from inflammation/pain, IBS, Digestive issues, anyone with low Iron or low energy levels. If you suffer from diabetes, Juice cleanses are for you too! YES YOU! We can make you an entire 7days worth with 0sugar! 

Including those who live a keto lifestyle, we have you covered as well.

If you suffer from skin issues or rashes,dry skin or hair loss

Then you have got to try this once in your life and see how good you feel after.

Sign up today! Only 5 Spots available for NOV 1st 2021

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